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What in the world is The Eclectic Frog?

Well, The Frog is an eclectic forum for people who love to reuse, recycle, refurbish, and re-purpose. 

At The Eclectic Frog,

  • Indulge in your love of antiques, shopping for interesting furnishings and decor items
  • Find repainted, revamped, refurbished or repurposed furnishings and decor 
  • Provide a forum for other people like us who like to share their creative ideas and make something old come alive again
  • Shop online and find great deals on new and pre-owned items

About Us

For about 4 years, The Eclectic Frog was a small shop in Conroe, TX.  Our store was an eclectic mix of furnishings and home decor, as well as gently worn clothing, bridal gowns, and prom dresses.  Sadly, we had to close our store in September of 2012.  For those of you who let me know that you miss our little shop, well, we miss you too!  However, the Frog has been  reborn as an on-line store as well as offering great decor items for sale out of other local shops in the Houston and Dallas areas.  We specialize in refurbishing great finds that are in need of a little love but also resell antiques. 

Our motto has always been, you never know what you'll find at the Frog.  In keeping with this, we've also passed along great deals on biker wear, new T-shirts, vintage jewelry, and a variety of other items that I find myself personally attracted.

At The Frog's shops you will find eclectic decor and so much more!


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